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Hello there; my name is Michael Warren Owens. My only reason for the otherwise­ pretentious move of launching my own website is to promote my soon-to-be-published novel BLUEBONNET. You can read more about it elsewhere on this site, but here I'm just supposed to tell you a little about myself.

I was born in the small Texas Hill Country town of Burnet, back in the late 1940s. I was the second of three boys (no girls) born to our parents, and I have no problems being 'the middle child'; in fact, I'm rather proud of having that distinction. Being a somewhat nomadic family, we moved around quite a bit while I was growing up, but we kept our roving within the boundaries of the Lone Star State.


After attending nine different schools within twelve years, I finally graduated from high school in Houston. Three months later I enlisted in the U.S. Navy and "saw the world" for four years.

Following an eighteen-month course in the basics of commercial art, I left the big city of Houston and moved to Little Rock, Arkansas. My art career went bust during my nine years there, but I at least managed to find myself a wife. She had grown up in Rome, Georgia, and a few years after getting married we wound up moving to her home state (but for different reasons other than just being near her family). After living in the Atlanta area for about sixteen months and having our first child, we relocated to Floyd County; so, I've lived here for more than half my life now.

We have two children, one of each gender, who had the opportunity to grow up in the same school district and graduate from a local high school. When they subsequently left their hometown, it was by their own choice. They both married good spouses and have done well - even if they do happen to be "too far removed" from their parents. Their mother and I, by the way, have been divorced for quite a while, but thankfully now are good friends. In fact, she is the closest thing to family I have around here.


I unintentionally made a career of being a security guard (among other unsatisfying jobs) and spent my last ten working years as a correctional officer at a state prison in northwest Georgia. It was only after retirement that I was able to seriously pursue my long-term writing project; about two years later I finally typed the elusive words "The End". Yes, I know I've been dragging my heels, and that the book ought to be published and a best-seller by now. But I'm still new to this scene, the pandemic hasn't helped matters any, and I'll get there yet.

Now, if you would, go ahead and read 'About My Forthcoming Book' below. If this condensed version of my life story hasn't exactly left you breathless, maybe a few paragraphs about my novel will arouse your interest.

Hey, thanks for dropping in to meet me!  

Upcoming Release!


BLUEBONNET is a work of historical fiction, set in two periods of 20th-Century Texas (middle thirties and early sixties). Its main character is Wesley Adrian “Wade” Sheppard – alternately a high school teenager and a grown man with a family of his own. His friendships with members of ethnic minorities repeatedly bring him into conflict with other ‘white’ Anglo-Saxons.  His loyalty to his friends and his commitment to the Christian Faith are frequently put to the test when he is confronted with opposition from outspoken and physically-aggressive racial bigots (as well as from other folks who are more subtle in expressing their racist attitudes). Finding the courage to “do the right thing” is further complicated by his personal struggles with a physical disorder, character deficiencies, and doubts about what he really believes. He can’t help wondering if all the trouble he brings upon himself and his loved ones is really worthwhile.

Quoting from the novel’s introduction: “And now, get ready to join Wade Sheppard during two periods of his life…as he faces, alternately, the challenges of adolescence and adulthood: Of high school classes, a demanding extracurricular assignment, persecution by relentless bullies, rocky personal relationships, his first romantic love, a frustrating and embarrassing physical disorder, and spiritual struggles; and of trying to keep his small business solvent while dealing with inner-family conflicts, the aftermath of a hurricane, verbal and physical clashes resulting from racial bigotry toward his family’s new friends in the neighborhood, recovering from injuries to both body and mind, and continued spiritual struggles. Throughout both periods related in this story, Wade’s faith in God is time and time again put on trial; sometimes he stands firm, at other times he falls flat on his face. Perhaps the reader will be able to feel a kinship with him in his varying ‘mountaintop’ and ‘valley-of-the-shadow-of-death’ experiences…”

The earlier part of the story takes place during the centennial commemoration/ celebration of the Texas Revolution, which was fought against Mexico in 1835-36.

So, I’m hoping the book will especially appeal to native-born Texans – regardless which side their ancestors may have fought on. I have endeavored to see both sides of the conflict, not just what I was taught in my seventh grade Texas History class. Anyway, besides being educational, the story I’ve told (hopefully) is also entertaining, to both youthful readers and older adults. I’ve tried to throw in some of everything that normally seizes and retains people’s interest: Action, suspense, drama, romance, conflict, humor, likeable and despicable characters, religion (particularly Christianity), sentimental heart-warming stuff, etcetera. (There is also occasional, relatively-mild bad language, as well as brief references to sex – not for the purpose of ‘spicing things up’, but for the sake of semi-realism. Otherwise, I’d probably try to get this work published as Christian Fiction.)

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